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I am going to give you seven tips today in the event that an accident occurs at your work place.  Hello I’m Chip Fridrich and hopefully these suggestions will help you insure that your employee is well taken care in a swift fashion and that they will be back at work sooner rather than later. These tips will also give you a protocol to follow so you can keep your worker’s compensation premiums low and manageable.

No business is completely immune to work place injuries. As a business owner, you must be prepared at all times. Time is money but more importantly, time can be life or death in certain situations.

Jodi Mathy of HNI Advisors provided these suggestions. She mentions appropriately that the first twenty four hours of any work place injury are the most important and all of these tips can be implemented during that time frame. Statistics show that claim costs skyrocket if delayed by even 2 weeks to 18% or higher. If the claim is delayed by three weeks that percentage rises to 30%. One month, 45%. Here are her tips:

Number one.  Have a written plan and share it. Make it a priority that multiple people in your organization review it and that it is constantly updated.

Two. Examine the injury and assess. When it doubt, make the conservative call to get immediate medical attention outside your facility.

Three.  Make sure incident report forms are readily available as well as the important return to work forms needed from your employee’s doctor.

Four. Have the employee visit a doctor or clinic that is well versed in occupational injuries. Don’t delay.

Tip number five.  Show that you and your organization care. Communicate. Make a human connection with your employee or their family.

Tip number six. Report the details to the insurance carrier about the injury while the details are fresh. This is extremely important. Talk to witnesses and document all the details in writing.

Seven. Check in often with the injured employee to begin a return to work plan. You need to continually monitor and manage this. If you don’t time will slip away and you could have yourself a runaway claim.

Following these important steps will hopefully relieve some of the stress and anxiety that a work place injury involves. At our agency, we have the necessary experience to help you in your risk management planning by partnering with an insurance carrier that can manage claims efficiently so there is a level of satisfaction and closure for everyone. Work comp claims can get messy – be aware of that on the front end. Having a trusted advisor on your side is paramount and that’s where we come in.

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