What To Do If You Are Involved In An Auto Accident



Auto accidents are inevitable. I’m going to give you some steps to take if you ever involved in one that will help you in the claims process and give you some sanity and reassurance as well.


First and foremost, remain calm. Auto accidents can be very emotional. Make sure all parties are ok. Do not endanger yourself, the other party, or any other autos nearby. The time immediately after an auto accident can be dangerous. Be safe.


Call the police. You may have heard otherwise if the accident is minor, but it is important to have a police report on file for the insurance carrier. When it doubt, make the call.


Document everything. You can take photos of the scene and the damage with your phone, take names of witnesses, or draw out a diagram if you need to. These are all important details that could be to your advantage later.


Exchange insurance information with the other party. This is essential and will save you a great deal of time instead of obtaining it latter on the police report (which can take several days to receive.)


Do not admit fault. Sometimes this is hard to do but if there is question about this later this could come back to hurt you later.


Call your agent or the 1-800 number for fast and accurate handling of your claim. The sooner you do this the better.


The claims process usually involves obtaining estimates and giving statements to adjusters or claims reps. Sometimes these statements must be given several times. Have patience. Going through any claim is going to require a lot of it.


Finally, if you are injured in any way, get immediate medical attention. Save any medical records for future access if needed.


As I stated, accidents happen. I hope that you never have one but if you do these tips will come in handy.


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