Searching for an Insurance Agent ? Look for These Six Traits


Hello, I’m Chip Fridrich. Choosing the right insurance agent is an important decision that should not be taken likely. You have a lot to protect and have worked hard to acquire assets that in most cases have taken yours to accumulate. An insurance partner is a necessary part of your financial plan and today I’m going to present six things that you should look for when you are looking for an insurance partner to assist you with such planning.

Number one – you agent needs to be a good listener. He or she can have all the knowledge in the world, but if they don’t listen to your specific needs then they are not doing their job. Every customer is different. Yes, their knowledge is vital but look for someone who “listens” and does not just “hear” what you the customer is saying. There’s a difference between the two and it is important to distinguish between the two/

Number two – you need someone who will respond. Insurance is not a commodity. It is not tangible. You can’t hold it. Simply put, it is a promise to perform. You need an agent partner who is willing to go the extra mile when it is time to go into action for your benefit. An independent insurance agency like ours prides itself on this trait. Responding is critical and should be expected. Don’t settle for anything less.

Number three – Look for a true advocate in your time of need. An independent agency does not work for any particular company. We are not employees of any carrier, so we can fight for your rights and concerns when they arise. This is an important part of process when you are looking for the right agent. Do you want someone who is working for you or the insurance company you are placed with?

Number four – Your insurance agent and agency should have access to broad markets for your insurance portfolio. Once again, I am going to take the position here of advocating for the independent insurance agent route here. Independent agents do not represent one insurance carrier. Our world is not a one size fits all model and the needs of individuals and families can change overnight. That’s why your agent should be able to adapt as your insurance plan fluctuates.

Tip number five – You need to value experience. Insurance is complex and confusing, and you need an agent who has seen pretty much everything. You need someone who can adjust, advise, recommend, interpret, and react. All of these traits don’t come without experience.

And finally, number six: It is important to hook up with an agent who is compassionate. When something happens with regards to your insurance program it usually means that something unpleasant has occurred. An agent advocate can help steer you in the right direction, listen to your concerns, and be there by your side. These things cannot be done without compassion.

If you are looking for an agent and an Agency with these six traits, I urge you to contact us. These are our core values and why we come to work each day.

Our Agency’s mission is to provide personalized service, professional guidance, honest answers, and quality insurance products- all in a boutique yet highly experienced manner. If you are interested in knowing more about our Agency, contact us at




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