Nashville Spring Storms Bring Insurance Questions


Nashville and Middle Tennessee have for years been the hotbed for terrible spring storms with high winds and heavy downpours. At FPR, we are hit with lots of questions regarding our customer’s coverage during this time of year.

Remember, all policies are not the same but almost all standard homeowners policies exclude flood coverage. Flood is not just the overflow of water. It can also be defined as water that sprays, rises, AND overflows. Statistics show that last May over 35% of Nashvillians thought their home policy covered them when in fact it did not – that’s a lot of uninformed people !

Flood coverage comes from a separate policy and we can provide you with a quote in no time. You can buy flood insurance even if you are not in a designated flood zone.

There’s always a question about storm damage as well – what’s covered, how much is it covered for, etc. Wind is a covered peril in a standard home policy so yes, a tornado would be covered under a homeowners policy. There are limitations, however, regarding downed trees in your yard (if that is all the damage you have from a storm) and remember a deductible applies in every loss (i.e you do not have a “rolling deductible” like you have in health insurance).

Contact us at 615-327-0105 or at, a Nashville Insurance Agency for more specific questions about your policy that you have with us or the policy you currently have with another carrier, stay dry, and be careful this Spring season.

– Chip Fridrich,President

Fridrich,Pinson & Rothberg Insurance Agency

Nashville, TN USA

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