Long Term Care

Long Term Care insurance typically covers health care at home, nursing homes or assisted living centers. Policies vary from amount paid, method paid (cash or reimbursement), duration of benefits and by definition of eligibility for claim.

Did you know …

FPA can tailor a policy for you that makes sense for you and your family in the event that this type of care is needed for you. With people living longer, looking into the advantages of this coverage is sensible and advisable.

Disability Insurance

Disability insurance is similar to life insurance as its purpose is to protect future earnings by replace your income in the event that you become physically unable to work.
While most people are prepared for the medical costs of severe injury or sickness through health insurance there is a significant gap in coverage without disability insurance. Most do not protect themselves from the loss of wages that accompany accidents. In general, if you count on your job to pay your bills and to live, you should purchase disability insurance.
Employers offered disability insurance plans vary and may or may not offer adequate coverage. Payouts are subject to taxes.

There are two types of disability insurance, Short and Long Term:

Short Term Disability replaces lost salary when the insured misses six months or less of work and after all sick leave has been exhausted.

Long Term Disability typically replaces 60% of salary. Policies vary by definition of disability, percentage of salary paid and with duration of payments. These policies can be “own occupation” or “any occupation” policies. It is very important to know the differences between both policies.
As a consumer, it is vital for you to understand all that is involved with disability insurance. There are strict definitions regarding occupation classifications and return to work rules and terms. Let us assist you through this process and be your advocate and partner.