Leak Detection Devices – Modern Technology That Can Help Avert A Disaster


Hello, my name is Chip Fridrich and today I will start with a quick quiz. What is the number one cause for claims in the home insurance industry. Is it theft? Fire? Possibly wind? No to all three. The answer is water. Water accounts for an incredible 45% of all interior insurance claims. It is the dirty word when it comes to insurance carriers, but it also affects you, the customer. Too many claims in general leads to your policy getting cancelled. Too many water claims will get you canned much quicker.

Why is this the case? Water damages everything it touches – flooring, walls, furniture, you name it. But it’s the hidden damages of water that can lead to problems that are hard to identify at the onset of a claim like mold.

Claims involving mold are hard to detect because the damage can be inside walls and ceiling cavities. Mold growth can grow undetected for years and the damages can be enormous.

The wave of the future involves leak detection systems which can stop the flow of water in your home before the damages become too great. I personally have the Leak Defense System and we endorse it in our Agency. Leak Defense is unique in that it monitors water flow or water duration in your home. You can choose.  A controller that looks like a home alarm system can be set at parameters that you control. If you are going on vacation, you can change the settings to deactivate the water flow to your house at a shorter time interval if the pre-set level is met. If you have a home automation service in your home, you can (in many cases) pair the system so that a text message can be sent you identifying that the water has been turned off.

There are so many claims these days that involve water in a residence. Ice makers, washing machines, dishwashers, and toilets are the big culprits. Having a leak detection service can take the worry out of a catastrophic claim at your home. Be advised however they are not cheap. They run about two thousand dollars installed, and you will need a savvy plumber to do the work. But in the long run, they make total sense in today’s modern world of appliances and devices that use water daily.

If you would like more information about Leak Defense, contact our office or you can check them out on the web.

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