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  • Automobile Coverage

    Answer the following questions ONLY if Fridrich, Pinson & Rothberg insures your automobile. If not, please skip to section two at the bottom of this page.
  • 1. Did you know that vehicles with anti-theft devices qualify for a rate discount? Does your vehicle(s) have an anti-theft device?
  • 2. Unlisted automobiles and drivers may be excluded from coverage. Do we currently insure ALL of the vehicles and licensed drivers in the household?
  • 3. In the event your car is damaged in an accident, the Rental Reimbursement or Towing & Labor coverage is very useful. Would you like to verify that you have these valuable coverage or desire pricing?
  • 4. The uninsured/underinsured motorist (UM) is a major threat to all drivers on the road today and a critical coverage. The Insurance Research Council (IRC) reports that 1 in 7 drivers are currently uninsured and sees a strong correlation between the unemployment rate and the number of uninsured drivers. Even in states where insurance is required, the “state minimum limits’ are far from adequate. Would you like to discuss your current UM limits further?
  • 5. Did you know customized equipment is not routinely covered by your auto insurance policy? This applies to electronic devices (stereo systems, two-way radios, etc.), camper units/camper shells, wheels, and even specialty paint jobs. Have you customized your vehicle(s) in any way?
  • 6. With today’s rising injury damage awards, higher liability limits are essential. Are you interested in increasing your auto liability limits?
  • 7. Are you getting the full credit for any Good Student Discounts or Driver Training Discounts that could apply to your youthful or experienced driver(s)? Would you like to discuss these discounts further?
  • 8. Multi-policy discounts are offered by most insurers and this can amount to tremendous savings to you and your family. If you are currently not receiving this discount would you be interested in obtaining a quote for your home, condominium or apartment?
  • 9. Raising the deductibles on your automobiles can lead to premium savings and often make sense when your car gets older and its value diminishes. Are you interested in looking at options for your vehicle deductibles?