Flood Insurance Myths


Here’s some “myths” about flood insurance that are out there in the marketplace. All of this can be quite confusing so give contact our agency at FPRInsurance.com for more information. We have the ability to quote flood insurance in over 34 states.

  • You have to live in an actual designated “flood zone” to buy flood insurance. FALSE. ANYONE can purchase flood insurance. But……..Your community must participate with the NFIP for you to be eligible for coverage with them. Participation is renewed every few years as maps are updated.
  • “I don’t need flood insurance. I don’t live in a flood zone.” FALSE. 30% of all claims involve people who DO NOT live in a designated flood zone.  Floods could occur as well from storms, melting snow, broken water mains, hurricanes, back up of storm water systems and new construction.
  • Homeowners insurance covers flood. FALSE.
  • All condos and apartments have flood insurance. FALSE. (Tenants CAN buy flood insurance).
  • Flood Insurance is expensive. FALSE. Depending on your zone and amount of coverage it can range from $225.00 annually to around $2,500.00 annually in flood prone areas.
  • Flood Insurance covers mudslides or earth movement as a result of flood. FALSE.  Earthquake, landslides, land subsidence, sinkholes, or gradual erosion are NOT covered by a flood policy. A customer would need to add this coverage onto their homeowners policy. NFIP policies will pay, however, for damage as a result of mudflow as a result  of erosion  that is specifically covered by the definition of flood.

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