Reporting Procedures

Property Claims Reporting Procedures

Property and equipment are insured for damage subject to certain exclusions within the insurance policy. The following steps should be taken whenever damage to property occurs.

1. Take immediate steps to minimize the damage and prevent further damage, making temporary repairs where necessary, calling the local fire department, a glass company or contractor. If you obtain an estimate from a contractor regarding repairs, make sure it is detailed enough for the adjuster to be able to compare the work to be done with the damages involved.

2. If someone is responsible for the damage, obtain the individual’s name and address. Also secure the name and address of any witnesses.

3. In the case of theft, burglary, or robbery, you should notify the local police department immediately. Obtain the investigation officer’s name and the incident report number. The insurance company will need this important information to order a Police Report.

4. If a serious loss occurs, for example fire, notify Fridrich Pinson within 24 hours. Once the loss has been reported you will be instructed on how to proceed.

5. Prepare and maintain copies of records and receipts associated with the loss. List all items damaged or stolen with values of each also listed.

6. Fridrich,Pinson & Associates will report the loss to the insurance company so that an adjuster can respond to the loss.