8 Simple Homeowner Tips to Prevent an Insurance Claim


Some things in life that take about 5 minutes to perform can go a long way in preventing a major event that could be costly to your family, your home, and your belongings.

Consider the following as “annual tasks” to mark off your list. Pick a day (the annual time change during spring or fall for instance) to do them – something you will remember. It is all about safety and you can’t be too careful these days. They really can go a long way in the risk management of your personal insurance.

  1. Change the batteries in your smoke detectors. Don’t assume that you will get “one more month” out of them. Just do it. Every year.
  2. Check for built up lint in your dryer and your vent hose. This could eventually lead to a fire and is seldom checked by homeowners.
  3. Check the hoses on your washing machine. How old are they ? Are they the unreliable rubber type that will eventually rot ? If so, consider the stainless steel version that can be purchased at any hardware store. If your hoses burst and you are out of town your whole house could be flooded.
  4. Check your windows and make sure they are in a locked position at all times. Burglars often look here first.
  5. Test your alarm system at least twice a year. Contact your monitoring company for details on how to do this. An alarm system that does not monitor the home properly is wasted money and useless.
  6. Do you have a plan in the event of a fire ? Talk it over with your children on what they should do if a fire occurs in your home – Where they should exit the residence, etc. Review the plan often.
  7. If you have a septic system, keep it monitored frequently on a proper schedule. Your drains could back up quickly and could be a disaster.
  8. Do you have a hot water heater in your attic? How old is it? Do you have an overflow pan underneath it in case it ruptures?

These 8 tips are essential for any homeowner. Again, pick a day – any day – and perform these simple tasks. Contact our office for more advice or questions or visit us at www.fprinsurance.com

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