6 “Land Mines” for Personal Liability


Hello, my name is Chip Fridrich and today I will identify six “landmines” as I call them which can be detrimental to any family’s insurance program- specifically their personal liability. Before I begin, I want to make sure that you understand that it is not my purpose to necessarily condemn any item or activity on this list. I’m just making you aware that they are items that are definitely “hot” on the radar this day in areas of claims and litigation in the legal system. If any of these apply to you or your family and you do not have an umbrella policy which can protect all of the assets you have worked so very hard to accumulate then you need to call me today for a conversation and consultation.

Number one – teen drivers. Teen drivers are a reality if you have kids. There’s no way to get around it. And teen drivers have accidents and wrecks – many within the first few days or weeks from when they get their license. Make your kids get driver’s training certified and preach to them about the perils of distracted driving. And here’s another thing – don’t text and drive yourself. If they see you do it, then they will do it too.

Number 2 – dog bites. I love dogs. I have one myself. But make sure when you purchase a dog that you do your research on dog bite histories of their breed. Consider an invisible fence at your home. Monitor your dog’s behavior. Dog bit claims can be wildly expensive – many times in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Number three – trampolines.  I recently spoke to a doctor who works in a local hospital emergency room. He told me that every night for a 4 to 5 month time period, they get an incident involving a trampoline. Every single night. Mainly it is just broken bones but at times spinal injuries can occur. Be careful with trampolines, and if you have one you need to disclose it to your insurance carrier.

Number four – swimming pools. Just like I love dogs. I also love pools. But un monitored or unsupervised pools can be deadly. In fact, recent statistics show that 350 children under the age of five drown in pools every year. Another 2,500 children are treated in hospitals in near drowning injuries, and some involve permanent brain damage. Be safe if you have a pool. Make sure you have adequate fencing and lighting. Consider a cover that can be activated quickly with a switch. If you do not have the proper safety items and a drowning occurs, you could be held liable.

The fifth landmine of liability is teen parties involving underage drinking at your home. Simply stated, don’t allow it. Ever. Some parents want to appear cool to their kid’s friends however, multi million dollar lawsuits are not very cool on the flip side. There are so many things that can wrong here.

And finally number six, the last personal liability hot zone involves the ownership and operation of four wheelers, ATV’s, boats, and specialty watercraft like Seadoos and jet skis. Proper training needs to be given to users of these machines. Not only is personal injury a risk here but liability for non family members like guests or friends of your teens. Make common sense decisions about the use of these items and carefully take into consideration age limits of users along with their prior experience and training.

As a reminder, give our agency a call to discuss your liability needs and concerns along with your entire personal insurance portfolio. We are here to carefully listen and give you sound risk management advice regarding your insurance program – so any landmines that are out there will at minimum at least be protected with the proper protection.

Thanks again for reading. I present these blogs for one simple purpose – to educate consumers about insurance because the insurance industry is without a doubt one of the more misunderstood and misinterpreted in the financial services world. Hopefully, you have gained some insight by watching. If you would like to learn more about our Agency and how we can partner together, contact us at info@fpa.insure.






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